Saturday, January 30, 2010

inkz yo

More fun with the brush pen. I started this out with a random line and just built up whatever came to mind around it. Kinda feels more like painting that way; lazy, lazy painting.


Did this over the holidays while visiting my family in the central valley, CA. I grew up in clovis, a smallish town by Fresno. Apparently this is saying something about how I feel about the holidays, or my hometown, or both. Anyway, I'm much more satisfied with my scribbles than most of the things I plan out these days. There's some lesson in there about not over-thinking everything...but I'm sure it's not important.

positive outlook

After the breakdown of the Copenhagen talks, which spiraled into a hard fought consensus to more or less keep doing the same thing, I think we can all agree that this image is a fairly accurate, if a bit conservative, representation of what the near future holds for us higher apes.

frog men from the 80's

Finished this a while back, mostly it was an exercise in more controlled line-work/draftsmanship/clean illustration/not hiding behind forests of hatching and pools of heavy black inks. It started to have a very "Masters of the Universe" feel when I was working on it so I took that as license to use an unapologetic, hyper-saturated, 80s color scheme. It was good practice, but I dunno, this sorta thing isn't really me.