Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inkz yo

More fun with the brush pen. I started this out with a random line and just built up whatever came to mind around it. Kinda feels more like painting in that sense.


Did this over the holidays while visiting my family in the central valley, CA. I grew up in Clovis, a small city/big town/suburb of Fresno.

Positive outlook

After the breakdown of the Copenhagen talks, which spiraled into a hard fought consensus to more or less keep doing the same thing, I think we can all agree that this image is a fairly accurate, if a bit conservative, representation of what the near future holds for us higher apes.

Frog men from the 80's

Finished this a while back, mostly it was an exercise in more controlled line-work and cleaner illustration. It started to have a very "Masters of the Universe" feel when I was working on it so I took that as license to use an unapologetic, hyper-saturated, 80's color scheme. It was good practice, but I dunno, this sorta thing isn't really me.