Monday, June 27, 2011

you had my hand in your hand, you had my lip in your teeth, you had my heart on your sleeve.

File under: "things I finished months ago and hated but upon revisiting think suck less than most of my work so I gave it a digital treatment/bandage and some insane colors to try and save it". I kinda like the first one more just because it's so garish that it complements the melodrama of the whole piece. That jarring color scheme goes for it more and pushes it over the edge. Well, it's not like it was subtle before the colors anway. Words from La Dispute.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New art strategy = keep doing work at least vaguely derivative of apocalyptic punk aesthetics then add bright colors and stars to make it seem playful

First painting in ages. The idea I had for this ended up requiring a much cleaner aesthetic than something I would have normally chosen to use paints for, the stencils (stars) and cleaner lines on the figure made it a very meticulous process near the end but it was so much more rewarding to get there. I love working digital but nothing seems to beat the feeling of physical materials in your hands. The personal satisfaction achieved from going through that process just feels so much better, even if it takes longer and isn't inherently "better". There was something very satisfying about coming home to my easel set up and waiting for me, and having this unfinished piece greeting/glaring at me every morning. I haven't felt so connected to my work in a while. This made me happy.

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