Monday, October 11, 2010


This is the original idea...

...And here's a more festive one!

Inks, markers and a bit of digital treatment. Kinda late for a 4th of July post, but I guess it can be a fuck-columbus-day post instead. I started this thinking of it as an illustration of a song lyric by Touche Amore: "I've got my own brand of patriotism/it comes with nights of emptiness." I have no idea what it's intended meaning is, but for me the line evokes a feeling of dissonance between identity and ideas, between the society we live in and having ethics that so often contradict that social order. It even seems to embrace that feeling, rather than wishing it away to some far corner, never to be spoken of again. That dissonance is something I've felt a lot lately, so this lines spoke to me on a very personal level. I could and probably would ramble on more about this, but for now I'm tired, and other people have said these things much better than me anyway. Here's one of them:

William Blum on patriotism

*EDIT: Reading this years later is weird. It's not that I don't find these topics important, I'm just much less political these days, for better or worse. Aesthetically, still pretty happy with it, though, and looking at it now it was always a personal statement anyway,


  1. hahaha very nice, good gesture and nice tension or torment in the character.

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  3. holy shit this one is my favorite! especially the second one with the blue. prob cause it`s more patriotic. amazing design on this one, I really love the way the flag flows in the back!
    about the dissonance of identity and ideas, if you strip off all political connotations (which are just concerned with this very instant in history and therefore easily dismissible) I don`t think it`s such a bad thing, just the way we work. One of my all time fav quotes from my bro Derrida: "coherence in contradiction expresses the force of a desire". reduce every human issue to a sterile theoretical problem! embrace the dissonance! all hail Beelzebub! read that shit:

    now I have to post something good on my blog instead of the pokemon retrospective I had planned

  4. Yo that shit is crazy dude! Awesome

  5. Thanks!!! I think I like the colorful one too. And thanks for the link, Luca; I was actually just re-reading the chapter in Doom Patrols that references Derrida, so I'm excited to check this out. I actually think I agree that the dissonance/anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing; and in any case it isn’t going away so might as well learn to deal with it. That’s where I think it can be a productive force, and it has definitely worked for me as fuel for creation, action, growth, etc; even inspiring this illustration! In many ways I’m just a hopeless idealist, even when I don’t want to be, so maybe I will always be a bit more angsty than average about all this. At least then I get to be a tortured artist! Hot!

    Also, I might actually like to see your take on pokemon, I've always felt pikachu could use a swastika. :)